Workers get entitled to
Blue Chip Benefits, which were only available to employees in multi-national companies until now.



24/7 Personal Doctor


Through our Blue Chip medical care package, a qualified GP is at your disposal 24/7. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call. Get access to a medical helpline and even a doctor’s consultation at no extra cost!  No more endless waiting to see a doctor.


Get medical assistance by qualified doctors and have them examine you via webcam from anywhere. In case medication is required, the doctor will email the prescription to the pharmacy.


Discount Portal

A wide range of top brand discounts are conveniently available in one place; to be used anytime and on any mobile device.


Annual savings average £1,200, which can be increased even more by using the portal.

Upgrade your lifestyle and save by shopping, travelling and dining out with family and friends more often. The vouchers never end!

Fitness & Nutrition


Improve your health by browsing through the latest research articles written by experts. Learn more about the flu, how to  stay healthy, or about psychological issues that may affect you. Find gyms, leisure centres, yoga studios or fitness camps in your area and sign up at discount rates.


Look up medical conditions explained by experts and find out which social care services are nearest to you (hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, etc.). Explore your rights to social care and support.


Experienced doctors provide articles, usually sourced from medical journals and professional organisations.


Get access to tools, apps and podcasts for daily support and motivation. Kick bad habits, cook & eat healthy, check your blood pressure or mental health, etc.


24/7 Helpline & Support


As part of the valuable Blue Chip wellbeing package, you and your family members get access to use a personal helpline for support on the pressures faced at work or at home on a daily basis.


Professional counsellors are ready to listen and help whenever their support is needed, regarding emotional and practical issues including: illness, bereavement, stress at work, family or marital problems, addictions, struggling with debts or legal matters.


Whenever in need, you can either call on our call free phone number or use our click-to-call service on a mobile device 24/7. The service is completely private and strictly confidential.



Your workers’ pensions reflect their aspirations and a future worthy of their everyday toil. Providing them with a rewarding pension scheme is a great benefit that protects their retirement and makes them feel secure. As people are living and working longer, there is a growing pressure on the state benefits system that makes private pension provision extremely important. We ensure your workers get a pension scheme they can access anytime online and see the status of their investments as they grow, guaranteeing them a comfortable retirement. Their contributions are protected and produce great returns, making your workers focus on their duties without worrying for their future.