Recruitment agencies & Employers enjoy Professional assistance in every aspect of Payroll administration and HR law issues associated with the employment cycle. Furthermore, you offer Blue Chip Benefits
and rewarding Pension schemes
to your workers. 





You focus on your business while we process, calculate taxes & National Insurance contributions, submit RTI to HMRC, audit and maintain compliance. Your workers’ details are always up to date, ensuring accurate, efficient and prompt pay.


As for any queries or challenges that may come up, no more waiting on hold at call centres or emailing anyone. There will always be a dedicated point of contact at your disposal.





We make sure workers are always motivated, safe and productive by adding value to their lives through complimentary Blue Chip Benefits. Business growth depends on your workforce; by taking good care of it, you take best care of your business.


Online GP access

No more endless waiting to see a doctor. Your workers get a telephone consultation from a certified GP, who is available 24/7 for any questions or concerns. Consultations can also be conducted online via webcam. They can visit a specialist through the doctor’s referral, if necessary, and learn about surgical options, private hospital costs and find out how long the NHS waiting list is. Let your workers recover well to get them back on track quickly.

Shopping Discounts

Workers can explore the Discount Outlet portal to upgrade their lifestyle and enjoy an average of up to £1,200 in annual savings! They can shop online from any mobile device and save on a wide variety of brands like M&S, Sainsbury’s, Boots, GAP, Tesco, Argos, B&Q, ToysRUs, Mothercare and lots more. They can wine and dine with friends and family more often at restaurants like TGIF, Pizza Hut or grab a coffee at Starbucks on the way to work every morning and take their kids to Alton Towers (40% off). The vouchers never seem to end!



Workers and their families can get easy & immediate access to reduce the ongoing pressure from their job or home. Our counsellors are ready to listen and help whenever they need support regarding emotional and practical issues including: illness, bereavement, stress at work, family or marital problems, addictions, struggling with debts or legal matters. They can use our call free phone number or our Click-to-Call service on their mobile device 24/7. The service is completely private and strictly confidential.





The loads of paperwork and endless nights of figuring out Auto Enrolment are over. Leave the admin, communication and legal burdens to us, while your workers are free to choose among various investments funds according to their needs and customs.


Each worker enjoys 24/7 online access to our provider’s online valuations platform and can monitor the performance of investments real time. Keep track of all your retirement assets in one place, at the Account Summary tab.


Our Investments partner has a long track record in the Asset Management industry and has been awarded for their transparent and innovative investment solutions, i.e. Best Investment Management Services Provider in the Wealth & Finance 2016-Fund Manager Elite Awards. Their Investments management team understands the need to respond to the unstable market conditions and the increasing regulatory needs.


With the Auto-Enrolment solution offered by Poppypride, workers enjoy high quality Workplace Pension schemes while Recruitment Agencies & Employers can focus on their core tasks.  





Unless you’re a legal expert, it’s very hard to follow all legislative changes. Even the best HR teams sometimes need help. Therefore, with our Business Protection offering, you save time, money and reputation while our professionals handle legal queries and support your HR department.


Your HR personnel have access to a 24/7 helpline with qualified Employment Law experts for any advice they may need.


Proactive support, through consultations, helps you meet your legal obligations towards workers - protecting their health, safety and welfare. Contracts, policies, handbooks are simple and clear. Employers must also ensure that their labour providers are compliant.